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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I might talk about how old I am, what I look like, and what I do for a living.?
am i look so old..?hmm..not really coz im only birthday is on 18 of august mom giving me the name of jennifer? arrr...i hate my name i dont know why..?but for me its a mess, but anyway she saw my name in the magazine in 1978 when an hollywood actress jennifer connely then..after that she stole that name from that girl and thats it! my name now is jennifer...but my friends calling me "jen" or "jeni" by years passed by..i used to like it besides i cant get over it..coz its written already..
what else..actually im not that kind of person who always on gimik everynight..coz i rather stayed at home relaxing.. away from people would harm me instead of short i am boring person..( its joke..!!) im a fun loving person its easy to be with i love people who talks with sense im a good listener, and a good observer, most especially im a good to be friend coz im a frank person..i can say what ever i want say to people whom is not good eventually, but in a nice way..coz i dont want to hurt anybody's feelings, thats why i dont want to hurt me with others.
for now im just stayed at home coz i already resigning from my previous work and waiting from my documents to arrived from australia coz im gonna work there..hope you like my profile..

I might also include some information about my personal history:
i grew up in malabon city before we transfer in imus cavite although that cavite is one of the province in southern luzon its already civilized here 1hr away from the main city in manila and lots of mall and place to unwind like tagaytay and some beautiful places and beaches near by area..i went to arellano university when im in high school then after that i went to centro escolar university before i get my degree in bs psychology..i love playing badminton when im out of work it includes you lots of skills, motivation, and some exercise also to make you fit and healthy.

this song is also one of my favorite high by speaks..

here are some of my favorites../
i love the movie of orlando bloom.."lord of the Rings part 1,2, and 3.. pirates of the carribean, kingdom in heaven black hawk down, and troy and i also love the korean drama "jumong"..played by song il-guk..
and i also love the korean drama "full house" it makes me smile when im watching it..coz their tandem are so cute..and romantic..played by song hye kyo..and singer rain../
and i also love cartoons...i can look myself on my childhood days when im watching on it..especially the cartoons bleach, hunterxhunter,fairy tales, like cinderella, and some of it..

my favorite music is rnb, sometimes im listening to the melody songs so that i can fall asleep..
but i love most of the songs of bic runga "sway"..coz it makes me feel a lot better when im listening into it..

Myspace Layouts
Myspace Layouts

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