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mY hOmE
mY pRofiLe
LiNkS to LiNkS
sEnD mE

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Real name: Jennifer Madria Romias

44 cattleya st. Parkplace Village, Anabu1 Imus Cavite
Manila, Philippines../

My E-Mail Address:

To find a fulfilling career that makes the best use of my skills.
to enhance my knowledge and to make me feel a lot better with the new enthusiastic works of mine...

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i work as a korean teacher before last januray2007, my responsibilities is to give lesson for my students and showed them how am i interested to teach them coz for them its hard to understand and teach them english..coz their tounges twisted.. but its ok..i have fun that time.

then i also work in a fine dining restaurant as cashiering last june 2006 to december 2006 my duties is to assess the customers and secure the POS as well..

i also work in a fine dining restaurant again..actually its fun and absolutely enjoying working in that kind of fields coz u will gain lots of friends..knows how to communicate with other u will enhance the skills ability the team works..etc..

i also been a teacher before in a Montessori School im teaching elementary student and its hard to teach..but it'z quite accomplishment coz its fun to be in that school you will learn everything that you need to learn and at the same time you teach so that your student will learn from you..

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